What Is Couture?

Most brands don’t fail because they cannot create a product. Most brands fail because they can’t get growth in sales.

I'm here with a single mission: to help you grow your traffic and sales. I created Couture as a resource to teach proven strategies in content marketing, social media and SEO, and as an internet marketing consultancy offering coaching and advanced support for these strategies.

In theory, successful marketing is simple. Find what works, and do more of that. In practice, however, things tend to get more complicated. There is a myriad of options available for you to market your product, and all of them come at a cost.
Read on to discover how to make your brand shine.

In a nutshell, what you can expect from Couture...

  1. How to identify what your potential customers like and where they hang out
  2. Find the things they want to know most about your products
  3. Proven tips and strategies to create content that will get you online momentum
  4. How to promote content that makes your customers get to know you and click that 'contact' or ‘buy’ button over and over again.

I use methods that have produced results not only for myself, but also for other highly successful marketers. I also do a ton of research and interviews, and test these ideas in practice.

Is it for you?

If you are reading this, then yes, very likely. But sometimes not. Here is a quick and easy checklist to see if we are right for you:

  • You know who you are and who you are for (but we can help with that)
  • You already have some sales volume
  • You have a website or an eCommerce site up and running
  • You are committed to improve your online traffic, conversions and sales results
  • You are ready to take decisions and grow your business

If this is not you, no worries, that's totally okay. But if you did check off a couple of the boxes above, I would encourage you to subscribe. Give me some feedback, and let me know what you want to know more about.

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We don’t produce that much content. Quality takes time. So don’t expect an email every week. Just the occasional insight and how-to guide, created just for you.

Does content marketing work?

Imagine having content assets like ‘Ties.com’ has. A single piece of content of how to tie a tie drives enormous traffic to their site, and positions them as a company that wants to help, not just sell.

And the beauty of it? ‘How to tie a tie’ is a keyword that receives over 550,000 searches every single month. The top video on Youtube has received over 19 Million views over 6 years.

Content works as long as it is what your audience wants to hear rather than what you think you need to tell them.

Content at work

All of our work is driven by content. We firmly believe in content as a lead and sales generation tactic (hey, you are on this page reading this, right?).

One of the beautiful aspects of content is that it works both a short-term (with paid promotion) and long-term (through SEO and audience building).

It is all about your customer

Everybody should spend a good amount of time on audience and customer research. A solid understanding of your potential customer is fundamental, it is the basis that will allow you to make informed choices about which channel to utilize, which motivational levers to pull, and which messages to deliver. It is the key to building a strategy that will drive sales, sales and more sales.

Questions answered:

  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What is their content need?
  • Where do they hang out?


Lean, goal-oriented strategy

Before logging in to Instagram, creating an ad on Facebook, or making a ‘how-to’ guide, you need to build a strategy that matches your most immediate goals.

Based on a ‘What’s possible?’; ‘What’s probable?’ and “What’s working?’ methodology, map out a strategy and the way you will implement it. It means testing early for results and grow aggressively what works.

 Questions answered:

  • What is the gap in the competitive landscape?
  • What is your content creation strength?
  • What are your content sweet spots?


  • Persona modeling / Channel research / Topic & keyword research / Competitor analysis
  • Content ideation / Effective quality content / Elegant design
  • Social amplification / Paid distribution / Influencer outreach

Technical SEO audit / Content audit

Who Am I & Why I Am Teaching This

I love content marketing, SEO and commerce, and I am fanatical about creating content programs that generate business.

I started out at a web agency building websites on HTML 1.0 (can you believe it - that long ago?) and continued developing my skills in online branding and customer acquisition at Sony and IBM before moving to senior sales and management positions.

As co-founder of an online microsite platform I moved from Europe to Los Angeles.  I since worked with leading brands such as IBM, Sony, Ashley Stewart, Holt Renfrew and Nike to name a few.

Why Now?

It is never too late to start, and certainly never too early. We are still in an early phase of content marketing, especially in the fashion & apparel industry.

It is a land-grab moment for many segments and niches. You should grab it before your competition does.

Opt into our collections.

We don’t produce that much content. Quality takes time. So don’t expect an email every week. Just the occasional insight and how-to guide, created just for you.

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No fluff, no nonsense - good for you. What are you waiting for?