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Wanna work with me? Get my 1-1 help to build your business. I specialize in marketing programs based on content marketing, social media & SEO.


I take on a VERY limited number of clients to help you grow your business agressively.

I understand how to create content and ‘linkable assets’ that engage and captivate your audiences as they move from awareness to interest to decision. Founded by two fashion addicts, we add a unique client perspective on our expertise and are the perfect fit for fashion & apparel brands .

Why Content Marketing?

Traditional, older marketing strategies based on ‘push’ and advertising strategies bring in short-term benefits, and only marginally build a long-term brand.

At Couture, we firmly believe in a blended content marketing and social media strategy, whereby campaigns are created not only about the latest collections, but also to create a long-lasting and deeper relationship with your audiences.

Quality Content

Quality content will:

  • Increase your brand reputation and faith in your brand

If you complement ‘selling’ with ‘advising’ and you will create confidence in your brand and a higher trust and recognition.

  • Bring more visitors and traffic to your sites.

Whether your content is located on your site or on other locations like Instagram or Youtube, every piece of content is a possible reason for visitors to discover more about your brand.

  • Positively influence conversions on your online eCommerce shop.

By providing all the information needed to come to a decision, you keep visitors on your site (rather than your competitor’s) and you allow for a decision now, not later (which is usually never).


It's Not About You, It's About Your Customers

As consumers, we all like and love a brand that goes the extra mile, a brand that delivers communication not only to sell to us, but also to enable us and enrich our lives.

You sell ties? How about a video showing how to do a double Windsor? You sell eye shadow? Your (potential) clients might like content showing them how to do ‘shadow eyes’.

As a consumer, would you like your favorite brand to provide you with a nice blend of great information on the latest collections, but also advice and help on how to enjoy their products more? Now, do they do this? And do you?

Why Couture Agency?

We believe focus allows us to be better at what we do. That is why we only do content-based marketing.

We focus on ROI through content marketing. We are not there for wooly, feel-happy storytelling. We are here to provide you with solid content assets that will generate measurable results for your business.

Our specialization allows us to gain a deeper and unique insight in the opportunities of content and social media strategies. We see content and organic search not only with Google, but also on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, and every community frequented by your audiences.

We have worked at and with some of the largest brands in the world, as well as with smaller companies. Our perfect scenario is to leverage and work hand-in-hand with your in-house content creation capabilities, and provide a large added value in the direction and strategy of your content.

We believe in the power of quick wins, continuous testing & improving and a strong cup of coffee.

How Can We Help?

As our client, we will assist you with a highly personalized approach, aimed at getting you solid results fast.
We only do what we do well, and we leverage your existing in-house capabilities as much as possible.

  • Persona modeling / Channel research / Topic & keyword research / Competitor analysis
  • Content ideation / Effective quality content / Elegant design
  • Social amplification / Paid distribution / Influencer outreach

Technical SEO audit / Content audit

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